Principal Message


Principal, ITI Chatrapur.

Itís a great pleasure to know that you are visiting our website.

The economy of our country is in the stage of globalization and liberation. Therefore there is a need to develop skilled personnel in appropriate numbers with adequate skills, in consonance with the requirement of the ultimate users such as industries and service sectors.

We provide quality education with due focus on character building and achieving your dream of Technical education,which is a reality nowadays for the common and middle class people. The GOVT ITI Chatrapur in its aims and objectives has also set the goal of setting up a Vocational/Technical Training Institute of high standards with maximum state of the art and innovative trades.

Our institute with its faculty, academic environment and labs, equips its trainees with depth knowledge in their trades and inculcates them with employability skills. In this way a career oriented and enjoyable environment is provided to the trainees for their enlightenment.

I promise our institute continuously strives for continous upgradation for which organization workshops and seminars, faculty interaction with the industry and continuous training by the faculties are regular features. we also provide vibrant environment for developing other life skills, sports, social services and helps the trainees to be a better citizen.