• Electrician

    Skills Acquired

    1. Knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution line.
    2.Overhead different types of insulators.
    3.Earthing used in substation, power station, lighting arrestor, reactor, and different types of capacitors in AC/DC circuit used in electronic and electrical installation in industries.
    4.Construction of different types of batteries and electrolytes used in it, he shall able to prepare and repair batteries in workshop.
    5.Servicing and repairing of table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, hair dryer, mixer, liquidizer, grinder, water pump, washing machine, AC/DC generator, transformers, electromagnetic clutches and relays used in AC/DC circuit.
    6.Design prepares HT/CT panel boards used for industries / workshop. Detect Fault in different types of AC and DC starter and motor timer used in factories and workshop and take up maintenance of machinery like lathe, machine, milling machine, capstan lathe, CNC machine, Connect different types of measuring instrument on the panel boards.
    7.Hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of DC motors, rewinding of armature stator winding bell/Buzzer/NVC, OLC of DC starter.

    Employment Option

    1. Work as a lineman / Wireman /maintenance electrician electrical supervisor / electrical contractor / service technician/expert re-winder/ lab technician /electrical maintenance Forman in Private Industries and Govt. Sector.

    Self-employment Option

    1. Contractor of domestic wiring and industrial wiring and disco lighting in five star hotels.
    2. Run his own electrical workshop and take up oil filtration of transformer on lines.
    3. Setup own shop for rewinding of different types of AC/DC motors, generator & transformers, Panel board wiring, bus bar wiring and measuring instrument wiring.